Thursday, January 15, 2009

"A babe" says Matt
OK I finally got a response form someone after posting my bike with various people 'Holding' it. So mat this here is Megan that you asked about.

Matt, She is no longer single so your to slow my friend.

however she was cool when I told her about how much you like her shots. So here is some more for you.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Pete McDonald Pete McDonald Pete McDonald Pete McDonald Pete McDonald Pete McDonald Pete McDonald Pete McDonald Pete McDonald Pete McDonald Pete McDonald Pete McDonald

how cool

"Two guys who race full-time for one of the biggest teams in the world - it's amazing I got across the line ahead of them. I don't know what to think," McDonald said.

We all know Pete "chuck a wheelie" McDonald. Well he just beat a few world class riders and at the same time managed to out sprint 2 team Columbia riders.

IN the above link you can see and hear Mr Rodgers say how he was the strongest rider out there but OBVIOUSLY that was ego because Pete beat him and his team mate to the line with his sprinting prowess.

Congrats Pete and keep on annoying them man.

I was sitting at Martin place GPO and Pete was working for the call. I see him and he slows to say hi. CHUCK A WHEELIE PETE., i say and he pops one up and falls directly to the the ground sideways... we all laugh .. thanks pete.

Always a good sport and always a fine gent.

more here


MICHAEL Rogers and Adam Hansen, two of the biggest names in Australian cycling, admit they barely knew who Peter McDonald was before yesterday's national road race championship.,21985,24899549-2863,00.html

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

There has been a lot of info in the media about bikes... They out sold cars Again and then infrastructure debate is revving up and people are getting their old rattlers out of the garage and riding to work... Petrol is cheaper and still the bikes come out. GOOD ISN'T IT?

Here is my favorite photo subject matter .. My Bike.
Hope you enjoy the pics.

I know MATT is a follower of my pics of my bike, and these are for you.

Beatrice (left) is a French Teacher in Singapore, she is really a groovy chicka. An amazing smile and a very smart conversationalist. and very high NATURAL BEAUTY level.

Hanna (right) From Perth was just sick of sitting on the bus that broke down just near Federation way. Behind those glasses is an very amazing set of eyes. Very defined and brown.

The Harrajuku impressionist is also from Perth and on holidays with a guy from Perth. I have forgotten her name but when I spoke to them I asked about the outfit. She told me there is group of us (them) in Perth who get about like they Belong at the HARAJUKU GATE. Its called COSPLAY and that COSPLAY is what inspires them. HOW COOL!

(link to someone elses blog and amazingly the pictures are similar to my travel blog wrird huh?)

Riding about the CBD and inner west and inner east has been a real different vibe this week. It feels sleepy like Sundays but all the shops are open and the ties are at their desks.

I reckon we have 2 weeks till we know if we need to stock up on Baked Beans and Water and the banks wont open OR everything will be OK.

Finally and without DELAY the last two images are MEGAN. Megan rides a beautiful road bike and likes to ride with the guys. Recently She has become single and If there are any good guys out there who wanna date... hmmm I take bribes.

Megan works in the shop on some weekends and likes a chat about not girls stuff.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Wishing you all the best for the new year


Yellowstone National Park .... is a hive of activity in regards to earthquakes at the moment. The park features many hot spings and the like so it is in an "alive volcanic System"

more info here

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my fellow blogger and I wish you all the best and well wishes. Yeah I know that is kinda soft but really. I don't pretend to be tough (after all I am (haha hehe hoho)).

Also doom and gloom to my favorite photographic icon. My Bike. Although it is fixable I managed to sheer off the head of the SkidStars Bottom Braket bolt (or crank bolt).

I was riding along and thougfht my pedal was comming off as it felt kinda wobbly. When I looked down and aexected my pedal to come off. I noticed that the wobble was also including my chain ring and crank. I took my foot out of the cleat and pushed my crank and the chainring back onto the square taper.

Of course I thought I had just lost a bolt so offto the bike shop I hobbled where I found Julian P and he noticed that the bolt was still inside there.

Easy fix, new bottom bracket... DAMN I hate walking home.

Santa brought my son a new few pieces of track for his wooden THOMAS SET. So here are some tips for youjng players who wanna make their kids happy with TRACKS and such.

It is so much cheaper to get no name "bulk" track and a few unique items like "T junction", "bumpy track" and "wobbly track" I think I saved a heap of cashish on buying this way possibly a 66% saving. But be warned The cheapest matching IKEA track with bridge will not let regular THOMAS TRAINS and ENGINES under as it is about 1 or 2 millimeters to low

forum from mums and dads (less dads) on what trains sets do you use?

Matching track is BIRO, and IKEA and of course THOMAS

the island of Axel

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