Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wife Swap

So it seems that I will be at the WIFE SWAP with oh2... and no he is not my wife but I did give him a very sexy gift today . I bet you a dollar that It ends up on his blog... (it is red and white and sexy)

see you there. (I mean here)

speaking of wife swap
I figure the blatant use of sex here is really good. Alas I do not like her wheels much.

 this bring me to bike porn. At the ACMC a lady frond of mine gave me a calendar from Nagoya. Ohhh boy was I impressed. here is the sample
you can find this calendar here

I did show my calendar to a few of the 'guys' who took photos of my calendar and amongst themselves said a lot of stuff I can just not repeat here.

personally I have a thing for Miss August (Mica). Who by the way has a lot in common with the lady on the bike whose wheels do not thrill me.

What do I mean by wife swap.
well it is really about the bike... but if your into swapping your wife i suggest this site

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My first ever Goldsprints

I found a vid (courtesy of Kym Perfetto ) of me in the Finals of GOLDSPRINTS at CMWC Tokyo.... I look slow next to Brooks but he only just beat me. I came a happy equal 3rd and 4th fastest time. That was my first goldsprints ever.

Brooks spun me out quite a bit as he was on his riollers for 30 minutes before the semi final all the while I was leaning on the wall next to him saying "it is not gonna help you mate" It was obviously freeking him out by the distracted look I was getting from him. He beat me in our final heat.

Goldsprints CMWC Tokyo from kymberly Perfetto on Vimeo.

Gold sprints like a rock concert at Club Asia! announcer, dj, unlikely finalists (Yogi from Australia kept chanting “Old is Gold!!”) and hella resistance on the freakin’ bikes!!! trust me, those guys are killing it. I felt like I could barely move my legs! Got second place for the women’s tho…

Monday, July 12, 2010

Hot Sauce, cheers

T'waz a good week. Got drunk for the first time in a very long time, quit my job, overdose on chilly sauce.

It has been a  long time since I have enjoyed watching a movie. I was struggling with my homophobia watching this one  A Single Man : a beautiful feast of fantastic camera angles and style from a very period true time frame. Wordly without being verbose. A real treat to watch with great shots with thought out scenes. The best of which was the packing his briefcase scene.

Previously late in the week I went to town and for once was on the taking end of hospitality. Becks free beer was really great whilst watching Stefan dressed like a Las Vegas MC  host a huge and great opening night. Some guys from one of Sydney's many bike riding groups have made The Galleria at Park and George and Pitt. The bios looked a lot like The Fixers, but still had its own unique way..

Hanging from the middle on the inside is a bunch of bikes and scattered about are pictures of riders with a bio. There was bits of bike art to be found everywhere, it was fun to find some other bit of installation. Really the venue obviously just went with this one 'WELL"

This night they were hosting some Goldsprints and free beer. My background could only draw me to this environment like a moth to a flame. I enjoyed watching and screaming in encouragement many guys I knew and many I did not up doing GOLDSPRINTS. Unfortunately I missed SCREAMROLLER

I have never ever raced Goldspints in my home town.. Actaully I have only really done Goldspints once before. I was in a good mood and Rick from Canada was trying to psych me out. He was wearing one of the 'team australia' kit I had managed to get from Rocket Fuel.

I rolled against Rick and stopped pedaling when I got over the line. I really did not expect to see my name on top of the list for the next 5 hours. On the night I got the 4th fastest time and got eliminated by a guy training on rollers for 30 minutes before he spun up a storm against me. Brooks then lost the final to Alex.

People were going off at me and yelling their lungs up at me in encouragement.... Anyway on Thursday night I just wanted to share my joy. I lost my voice for 2 days. I am still hoarse.

On the  night it was good to see Smokin' Joe get up and spin for a bottle of Yeger. It was a great top off. Baker still impresses me by taking his feet off the pedals at 3/4of the way and letting Joe win. more info
One lady I managed to coax into spinning a go too. Given her shoes (stiletto boots), this made her ride remarkable.

Then later I turned around and saw I was the last one there. It did not take me long to catch up.

On Friday I went to check the mail. I found that 2 things I nominated to get awards did actually win the categories. I was involved with both of them and was integral in the running of one. The prior week I managed to pull off other minor miracles and produce a map for the Tweed Ride, Sydney. Another great ride.

It is winter and Sydney is alive with bike stuff to do.
pics later

Wednesday, July 07, 2010


to all you HIPSTERS... you probably think this song is about you, your so hipster... ooooo!!!

how cool

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