Wednesday, March 11, 2009


DeathRace V Deathrace 2000
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A long time ago in a galaxy far far away...
Science fiction had a world of selection to be original. Being blunt about fact
is fine if you can handle it. So i will keep it simple as i possibly can without being a spoiler for any fun content that may surprise you..

have you heard about a game? It is a popular one where you drive about and you run about in a car and do missions.... no I am not talking about Saints Row or Grand Theft Auto, think back, yeah further back.. Carmageddon

wikirip below link to more

The game that became Carmageddon started out as "3D Destruction Derby", a banger-racing (stock-car) sim prototyped by Stainless. This was signed by SCi in 1995, but the banger-racing angle was soon dropped and for a while the game was to use the Mad Max license. This fell through, and was replaced by the Death Race 2020 license, as a sequel to the original film was at that time planned (it eventually emerged as a comic book). This introduced the running-over of pedestrians into the game.

the reason why the elaborate intro. I wanna tell you about another movie with Arnold Conan. RUNNING MAN. Anyway its a movie with a totally different plot to Deathrace 2000. . . And Mad Max is not the same as Deathrace 2000.

The new movie does not even come close to the plot, pace or presence that is the original movie. The only similarities stop with the insertion of the DVD into your home entertainment unit.. Actually I would say Get the original... even though it has its slow spots and obvious mannequin replacement and slow spots. But somehow cant look away. DeathRace 2000 was the "B" grade verion and original of the main stream relaease of the same time Roller Ball

I saw David Carradine at a Sci Fi convention, I was wearing a black Tee with a big white "F". .. You won't know WTF I am talking about if you dont see Deathrace 2000 the original.

So how do they rate?

' a record 70 millon are watching Subscribe to the final stage now'

Deathrace (2008) V Deathrace 2000 (1975)

Booring, seen it before even with the new plot V Still Amazingly shockingly new
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Tuesday, March 03, 2009


more info here

but while we are at it check this out.

I have seen a lot of bikes but this just makes my knees go week, If I see a single try hard faker on one these. Please visit me in jail.

go to the website and take a slow look about.

ahh yes,
Below is a nice shot inside Harry hooper

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