Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bush and Osama hold hands

MAX PAYNE is loud on the 5.1 andthe Clear flat screen infront of me. Just started wondering how they are going to translate the dreame sequence from the PC game of the same naame and theme. How are they gonna show Bullet Time, or basicly the PC game special feature.

This is almost impossible with conventional slow-motion, as the physical camera would have to move impossibly fast; the concept implies that only a "virtual camera," often illustrated within the confines of a computer-generated environment such as a game or virtual reality, would be capable of "filming" bullet-time types of moments. Technical and historical variations of this effect have been referred to as time slicing, view morphing, slow-mo, temps mort and virtual cinematography.

If you are new to Max Payne... think of the roof scene where Neo doges bullets in MATRIX. In Bullet time itis a bit like that but it comes with sureal nightmares on the side.

If you liked the Direction of the camera in WANTED then you will like MAx Payne as its use of Verual Camera is awesome too

Last week I sw the movie Postal, as in Running with Scissors.

Now I wonderd about that movie beacuse the game was BANNED in many countries. Although I was considering Owning a copy of the banned game I was wondering how true to plot the movie was going to be.

Although things look the same the theme is only based on the same theme with some of the characters being quite true to form in thier groups..

I like the fact that they brought in real life into the movie with a disgrunteld Game Developer going nuts at the movie director.

A fight between Postal creator Vince Desiderio and Postal director and park owner Uwe Boll (which ends with Boll being shot in the genitals, confessing "I hate video games")

On the right here is a parody of George Bush and Osama Bin Ladedn holding hands and generally makiing things happen so that money can be made or asses needed saving etc.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Monday, February 23, 2009

Busting out

My wife went on a training course and I was to meet her in the hotel lobby. It was raining and I wanted to get out of the rain. I rolled down my cycle mode shorts into pants and rolled my short sleeve jacket into a respectable soft shell. I made sure I had ridden slow enough to not get the dreaded water splatter along the butt seam of my pants and back. I sat down and realised that the lobby probably never looked as good.

Also, Shifty who was very important in the creation of the event that was CMWC 06 that was of course the best ever event of its kind .. yeah ever and in the future too. Anyway, Shifty left the city of Sydney with a rounding of the troops to wish Sifty a great farewell. I have pictures of him crying and it was not in pain.. or even self inflicted pain. He is now scaring the drivers and pedestrians of BrisVegas..yep he is crying in this pic. (Shifty in green)

The SYDBMA is holding the Courier Cup...the fastest over 2 events will get free return tickets to ACMC in Perth over the Easter long weekend

Last month my son turned 4. He fetured on my friend ohoh2's blog ... Those kids had a suprize visitor in the shape of SPIDERMAN. All the little girls were scared and all the little boys loved it.
SpiderMan towards the end of his routine made all the kids swords out of balloons. He then somehow managed to get them to beat me up with them. After standing in front of a BBQ and making enough sausages and fish to fedd an army I really did not feel like being pushed about by a squad of malicious balloon wielders. My son's friend Oscar was a little out of order when he started to punch me in the nose no less than 4 times then run off (stage left) fast. He hit me in the face on 2 different occasions and also started to lay into my gut on another. Lil bugger was hitting hard. How does a 4 year old learn that? I was wondering about approaching his dad who did the dump and run thing. Bahhhh later.

There are some things I really like. One of them is bikes and girls who ride them. You might have noticed that I often have a pic or 4 of a lady on my bike. Well I have some more now too. I would like to mention that I got my inspiration from TC from fyxomatosis. A few years ago i got a postcard info flyer of his exhhibit CIAO! I was hooked. I do not pretend to compete or even come close to the quality of his art but I dream too. Have a look at his site,well travelled in the bicycle courier world. Andy White (Track Cunt) has made the bike THE art form itself.

My attempt to be less "Still Life" and more "in the street". I wish I had the equipment.. sigh.

Speaking of photographers. My friend Peter's site is constantly being bombarded with hack attacks and other malicious net beasites.... What the real problem about that is Google black lists it and makes it hard to even view a picture. with its MALICIOUS warnings on sites that might have been hacked but are now fixed. It is like the warning is the virus. Also, who let google warn you with a big stick... Google did that's who. It's not really very fair. We are building him a new site with a new IP. So perhaps Google can just piss off.

Over the last few weeks I have met a fewNICE GUYS some of them were even riding fixies. The guy on the right was from the States and his bike had really lovely lugs I might be wrong but the badge on the head tube said ARAYA. Now as far as I knew they built rims and wheels in alloy. The badge did actually look just like the old PANASONIC head tube badge that looked like it would be more at home as a ring on some big guys finger. If you're into head badges look at this (just found it randomly).

The bike in question is the red one on the right it has mud guards and a nice easy ratio. what I really noticed ws the great lugs. I was really weirded out becuase the lugs looked a bit like a Colnago Arabesque (take a look at the unpainted pic on the left).
Also I managed to find more info that Araya did infact build bikes. But, I still dont see Japanese frame makers of the era taking the time on their lugs.

Also met a few more Sydney riders who once again prove that its not the bike but the ride.

Christian Carter on a bigger gear than me and no clips or cages... doing it fixed on platforms.. like the cool kids in France....

John Remi on his Elsworth with road slicks. He was commuting on a Sunday and was really happy to stop and say hello. Nice bike mate. How bout you come with us and put some fat rubber on that sucker?

Monday, February 02, 2009

My BIKE meets girls

I mean really, look at that. Chilly here was parking her car and was kind looking at my bike and I just asked her straight up if she minded having a pic with my bike. Little did she know that I thought her sandals where very very "my bike". On the other hand the pic of Lucy in white here was an obvious Friday afternoon in the park sort of thing, in fact Lucy came and met a bunch of after work Bike Couriers and hung about a bit had a bit of coopers and just chatted with a few of us in the park.

Lots of my guy mates say it is hard to meet ladies in Sydney but I think they have a hard time saying HELLO to anyone they do not know.

I have noticed in the last week a whole bunch of new style bikes around Sydney. What is a "new style bike" I hear you ask. Simple if its retro or has curves or is rebuilt and looks old or is fakenger looking , oh hold on that would be courier looking but thats not really accurate cause I know plenty of bike couriers who use gears but the fakenger look is single of fixed. I guess its called MESSENGER STYLE.

The Fixie is really being brought back in a huge way. I was down at bondi and snapping pics of bikes and I came accross a group of 3 unlocked bikes, all of them fixies and ll of them definatly not a working messenger bike a Soma, a Tommasini and a red bike with flat bars. all had toe straps and all no brakes. I thought "cool" so I snapped a few shots with the digi cam and a moment later I was riding off and took another few shots of bondi beach when I noticed the 3 bikes going past me. In a rush i put away my camera and then caught them up. "Can I take a group pic of you guys" I ask. I get the massive DIDNTHEARNOTHING" look from 2 of them whilst one slowed and said sure.

I yelled at the other 2 "HEY FAKENGERS" they noticed me this time as I made myself in thheir faces, once agin I ask if I can take a group shot and still one of them ignores me.

I mean really, if your gonna dress like me and my mates and your gonna ride bikes like me and my mates let me and my mates say "hello" at least.

I used to think the most stuck up group of riders where roadies then Triathletes and then most frindly are the MTB crowd. Now there is a new bunch. The poser fakengers with fixed gear bikes that look great.

Now I dont care what you ride , as long as you enjoy it, In any week I will ride MTB, urban, dual, Fixed and a roadie. I get along with everyone cause I just like to ride. these guys really pissed me off. Additedly one of them did say "hey come for a ride on wednesdays from the Cricketers" (he might have said from 7 but I am not sure about that) cause he said he had to catch up.. but even I could keep up on my fat nobbys about 5 seconds later. but really these guys where just rude and rode bikes I would love, well one of their frames perhaps. perhaps one day I can look as good as them.bahhhh they suck.

here(left coloum of 3 above) is their bikes so you too can call them bitches and slag them off.

On the other side here is ED, you can find Ed at RUBYS DINER, aCAFE on Bronte Rd just up from the police station on the same side, great coffe and sometimes some very nice bikes parked out the front, the half link black thing is his. I think it is a felt single speed but he loves it so all is well.
good coffee and good food. I met Ed at a Cycle Mafia event that finnished at deus a white ago.

The whole movement of THE FIXED GEAR BIKE has suddenly appeared here in Sydney and came as a shock to the "bike messengers" here. Bike messengers (I rather call them couriers as that is the local term) feel a bit jipped off. Originally they had the idea that They where the trend setters and that it was theirs. I myself was a nay sayer and said, how can you work on a bike like that, blah blah blahhhh... Its bad for your knees and this and that. Now I ride a fixed gear bike (amongst others) and I really enjoy it. I do not know if I was a working messenger if I woud ride every day on one but I can definately see why they like them.

Another thing that pople dont thank bike couriers for is the enurance racees like 12 and 24 hour MTB racing. 10 years ago there where no long off raod races like that, bike couriers used to hold these events as a picnics, it became popular. you often see strong groups of riders from these backgrounds. On the few events that I have been involved with in one way or another they have always had a strong presence (the bike couriers) and where sometimes even admired as riding for 12 hours was the norm. I even went in a 12 hour race with a "Courier class", the pre-requisite to race in this class was to wear a bag whilst racing.

When I was in Japan last year I noticed how many fixed gear bikes there where that looked like bike messengers but where not. They really made stylizing their bike an art form, some of the riders could not ride down a hill or even get up a gutter.

some cool fixed things to do are skids and backwards circles, then there are more advanced things to do like bar spins and perhaps POLO on your fixed gear bike. Ideal because you can go backwards.

I still ride my geared bikes a lot but it takes me while to remeber that I CAN stop pedaling when I do ride other bikes.

Well the silly season is over.

I spent most of it Just north of Byron Bay, at a place that was just magic. I am not gonna tell you where strictly cause I do not want to see anyone I know there as that is its charm. It is not on the main traps and its a sleepy place that was exactly what we wanted. I did Learn about "HARD LANDINGS" (not the economical version) at Gold Coast airport, talk about scary. your landing and the nose of the plane is definitely DOWN and not up and slowing down. Hard landings are apparently better but they scare the religion outa me.

I was in a town where I could have found a bike but I made the comment to my wife that "I was not getting a bike for the whole week so I could just spend time with the kids and her and not piss off". Browny points achieved. I noticed quite a lot of bike activity there, mostly cruisers and rust buckets that where left out in the elements. One of the rust buckets had Cross Max wheels in a realistic state of disrepair, others where being ridden to the beach and tasks like going to work and being left in front of the shop all day... Kind of like an old western movie where the cowboy gets off his horse and throws the reigns over a fence and parks there as is.

I was lucky to snap this pic of a local who was on her way for a surf. Apparently she left to Tamworth to do some Coutry and Western the next day. She lives in the sleepy town.

A week in this place was awesome. they even had electricity, mobile phone and internet and even had plenty of places to eat. Although the prices in all the cafes and restaurants where sydney prices at least. what was really, really amazing was the attitude of a group of roadies I met. here in sydney there is the snobbery and the attitude you must fight if you wanna talk to the riders. I met a small group who where on their return leg back to Byron Bay. I imediately noticed a fine ALAN bike. simply said these things rock and they still look great. If I had a bike and it was innovative I would want it to look this good and be this respected after 30 years. Alloy tubes glued together. Today they use this sort of thing on carbon onto ally.
I mentioned just before about the group of roadies. This group on their return run home had stopped at a cafe just near where I was staying and I was getting a cup of caffeine. I stated snapping away. The riders where super friendly. WHAT A SHOCK compared to their Sydney counterparts. They where funny and cool. It did not matter if you rode a 100 buck rust bucket or a 10 grand weapon they loved to ride and enjoy the day together on a ride. WHAT A FRESH BREEZE this was. One of the guys had a nice pendant and it looked like a crank set, prolly campy 30 year gold edition for people from Lilliput. yep if you want some bike jewelery of the real kind not just a cog on a leather strap I recommend you hit up EDGE JEWELLERY DESIGN also in the group pic just here on the right side you can see a woman waving away, well she was just walking past. The place had vibe man.. you know what I mean?

Kids spent the days on the beach or seeking adventure on the bridge. After snapping away for a few minutes the kids pointed at me and where jeering me to "fuck off you perve" I mean these where kids and I was taking action pics of them jumping off a public bridge. Where do these kids get these ideas? it frightens me cause this group of kids might have been 12 years old max.

This was the Christmas holidays and really apart from jumping of bridges there was nothing for them to do but do what they where doing. Nothing quickly and lets hope they don't get to bored to quickly. reminds me of the killer kids from DOGMA

I found one night a bit of noise and cheering coming from the park just a block away. The NSW Axemen Association tee shirts where everywhere. Fancy being in a group called THE AXEMEN ... how cool does that sound? anyway they where having a competition and it was new to me. Choppers (the axe men) start on a handicap start. with the worst starting first and the best starting last. In the pic you can see a guy in black and a yellow stripe. He was last to start and is on his very first swing. He won by a convincing margin. Also trend setters, most of them wore Dunlop Volley shoes

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