Thursday, October 30, 2008

to my friends on this special day. Hope you have a better one than this vegie

here it is... Only 2 days after I mention it.
Although you can not buy one locally you can get it from EBAY. Im not impressed about that that fact as I reckon we should be able to buy up to date stuff when it is available... OHHHH you mean we only have 21 million people and that is not a real market (they say).
In direct competition with the IPhone, HTC is another version of the multimedia phone. I have read a few reviews about it and it rates better than the IPHONE too. I have seen this in a few of magazines I read, T3, APC, WIRED, PC Monthly. They all do product comparisons and rate them. Admittedly some of the mags have advertizing contracts with Apple and cant really give it a low rating but most of my friends seem to love their IPHONE until they drop it or it fails. Do Not Forget folks, its a phone.

I still think that a decent phone is still better, especially with the cost of EeePC type of product.

Also windows 7 in beta is making the rounds. It is of course still rated against apple OSX with a religious fellowship of users behind it. and more people every day trying out one version or another of LINUX.
Meanwhile they (the marketeers) are convincing us to move our social networking to our phones.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

you know how and you know where.

come and dress like a pirate all day for bonus points.
bring all your pirate gear for time bonuses.
Find Dan for more info.
I wont be there as I have found out by looking at my calander that I am booked to look after my kids from 5.30 till they go to sleep...

Arghhhhh, Dam nations... In a prior life I was working on tall ships.. they are very majestic, even the dogs.
todays wordle
Lust is a bicycle. just check this out and its new.

Its on ebay today for a few days so just let your fingers do the purchasing and spend 6.5 grand. This bike is just gorgeous and my size . It is a track bike and has no marks o it at all, master light and ohhh what a paint jobby. Pity it is a 54 and not a 53 .. forget the fact that I wont buy a bike that I cant ride without worrying about it.

whats this then??? A Fashion Show.. looks very flash.
Tell em Yogi sent ya!!!

(have a stab at the image for a bigger look)

Found a cool toy / tool on the web this morning. It makes a kinda collage of words you put into it. It also lets you select pages and blogs to source the words from. Neat trick I say. This one is of ohoh2's blog.

I have been given a second year of subscription to Wired Magazine for my birthday and I can tell you. It is a great read for the not nerd or the not scientific types who wanna keep up to date with trends and future ideas. Its is not quite "New Scientist" but forward thinking never the less. A very good read for those occasions when your stuck in one place for too long. Just have to remember to keep it in your bag. Alternately you can go to the web site and get a news feed. I have also become quite fond of . A little less layman than wired but very informative without the NEWS sourced from standard places in the standard format.

Are you tired of lies and miss quoted statements from the standard media? Stop using them. With computers and web 2 and RSS and the like it is now possible to just find the news you want and you have the option to filter the shit that seems to flood our local tabloids that seems to share with broadcastes news items. I have even felt that they often seem to reference one another and it is mostly a "not" news story that they do this to to make it seem important.

So what is important? You, your neighbours and then the enviroment. Somethings gotta give. If you dont stop spending your coin on crap your gonna be in biiiig trouble. I feel that our addiction to trinkets and personal commodities is goind to be our undoing. Sorry for the bad news.

On the up side. ANDRIOD has become open source. What is it? Well lets see now. Hmm connect your phone to your computer (or server) and negoitate with your contacts and just about any app or program you like. Seems like the ideal platform to make your own logistics company connect to your Phone, PDA or laptop or any other WAN device. I am poretty sure that it wont take long to create a usefull application that can do Accounting, and invoicing for clients as well as list off pickups and also give them a level of service (being regular or rush). Infact I am so keen about this I have downloaded the SDK and when I have finnished I will give it to my friends at SYDBMA for free. This means (as I see it) you will able to go register your business and then start finding your own clients. I have no problems giving this to you. My experience with courier companies is that they only rip of the rider as much as they can. Typically this app built with ANDROID is getting close to the mark.

It talks about the different pieces in the puzzle that is an "app"

Monday, October 27, 2008

A local ride is always pretty cool.

Ya gotta love it when its cold enough to wear scarves whilst cycling.

It is one of those things, You ride and you like to take it easy and check out what sydney has to offer. These guys look cool and had the worlds best smiles on their faces.
Kudos to you.

So you don't need lycra to look good after all.

Another cool bike that I admire from afar. "The Contessa" If you look carefully at the down tube you can see the glare and then you notice the twists and reverse twists in the tubes. Very beautiful, kind of like the skin of some alien spaceship come to ride over the earth. have a look at "The Contessa"

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

My bike is such a floosy, I went to Norton St today for the ITALIAN FIESTA Festival, the street was closed off and the Bike Valet was operational. I arrive in the morning and you can ride down the closed road and things are warming up. 30 minutes later it was chock-o-block with people from everywhere. I was impressed by the vibe of the event and that kids where catered for in both activities and shows.

I would like to thank the people who put up with me and helped with the bike valet service. I think we had a great day. Sunday is always good when you can do something that requires you to people watch at an event. Paddy, Rob and Rob and Elaena.

My bike had the best day. I had a hard time figuring which bike to take as I was running late. The green one or the red one.. hmmm what was I wearing... ohh my dilemma. I might not get dressed for anyone ... but picking the right bike is very important.

Anyway I rode my skidstar. The skidstar was a gift from Owen Denmeade and was a frame and bent forks only. it was covered with black house paint and had a coat of kinda sunfaded orange original paint on it.. It even had some original decals under there. The paint job is so dodgey im sure the decals and house paint is under the bright red/orange top layer...

So I built this with new wheels and parts I had in my garage. the wheels are Velocity with flat spokes and formula hubs. the cranks are from my mate Adam, Raleigh 70's era cranks (170mm) with 50 x 17 ring and cog, turbo seat and nothing fancy bars stem. I am rather scared of my forks. They are series 1 TCR (yes GI##T) and they have a one inch steerer tube. I reckon my bike looks sweet and by the looks of it a lot of others do too.

shotgunn bride
photos by Nokia E65

Friday, October 24, 2008

Some Advice to those fashonistas out there...

I recently spent big bucks on some name brand sunglasses. To look though them is pure joy. I can wear them in the brightest of place (outside for starters) and clearly see the other side of the street.

I firmly believe that if I buy an expensive set of glasses and they last me 5 to 8 years then I don't mind spending 20 to 400 dollars for them. If you break it down 400 divided by 8 is 50 bucks a year. I do not think I know of any polycarbonate lens that lasts longer than 10 seconds in your pocket without scratching or somehow getting damaged.

I use glass, its slightly heavier but I can rest assured that the lens should be more scratch proof and much nicer on the eye with better clarity and better visibiblity.

Testing the glasses.
to test them I put them on my head and try to jolt my head as if I am in the ride possition and change direction suddenly. Normally my new glasses need a heat treatment and then a bend of the arms and bridge.
I only use windproof frames and I find it helps a lot.

if you have had eye sergury or laser treatment they say to use polarized lenses. I have had neither but my new glasses come with them. Super clear and comfy on the eye. I can see the wind on the water and see how the cats claws strike the water. However, when riding diagonally behind a car ... a problem happens. You cant see in the car. What you do see is the darkening of the windows of the car and sometimes a checkerboard pattern or diamond pattern. its a multi coloured effect that stops you from looking in on the driver. Infact I would even say it is dangerous. you can not see the driver, you cant look into the wing mirrors to see the face of the driver and you sometimes cant see anything inside fro right next to the car.

I do not recommend POLARIZED LENSES fro bike riding

Also some other noticeable things are the screens for my Ipod and phone are un-viewable until I take off my glasses or slide them down my nose.

Computers monitors of the LCD type also suffer imiage degridation but is only medium on the way to rotten.

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Did you see that bike

Look, i like bikes. I like girls on bikes even better. It somehow  passes my mind that the concept of a girl on a bike is cool. I see the bike and what kinda bike it is. I then draw back and look if tey are on the bike correctly. Or perhaps its a style thing. What I dont see is a face or a person. I see a woman on a bike and it made me smile..

Ladies who ride for transit really float my boat. You see them from 30 meters away and they are  gone as they cross your path. Its like the finding of an elusive fish, that you saw on your last Dive.... it exists... now I saw this bike the other day in In Wayne's old shop in Bondi. OBEY...  wow...

Did you see that bike.
Seeeeel, metal badge, formula hubs and not crap cranks and rings and stuff.
black and gold.
very stealth looking frame, quick and twitchy look about it...

Did you see in my last post the black and gold bike?
here is a production brand other brand, and it looks great mate. I dont really know any more about it. well its a supercheap auto thing...

personally everything gold must be ummm how do you say... gonerized, gold is just so big gold axe around my necklace typa thing... Not Very Me. (no insult to any of my Greek fiends).

So if your a lady and you have to get a new bike. This one is basicly the perfect pocket shape for your jeans. Instant yogi appeal... and I'm sure I am not alone.
Did You See TThat Bike

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The spring cycle was on. A community event that costs a bit of bucks. What kills me are the people who bring out their bikes the day before and event and bring it to the shop where I work and expect us to service the bike with only 4 hours left before closing. The thing is, They bring their friends too. who also have just as broken bikes.
"can I have a service please"
"yes, sure. When would you like to pick it up"
"ohh no rush.. in about 2 hours"

not fair stoopid
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Friday, October 17, 2008

Owen DenmeadeI tell you.
The latest craze is giving me the shits.

I do ride a Fixie and I enjoy it. There are plenty of reasons not to ride my fixie and I sometimes ride other bikes too, as I have a range of a few bikes I can ride given the ride, weather and terrain.

I have a head turning fixie with a very hard gear ratio. I was always a spin up and push kinda guy, rearly did I sit but I would lean on my saddle. most of my weight was always on my pedals.

I am no longer young or cool or in fashion. I don't try to dress like anyone. I just get up and do my thing and get dressed.

fixed2 days ago a message arrived in my IN BOX and it was from a journalist. They wanted info on "why are fixies so popular".

I really am not the best person to ask. I have a little spoke card that says FIXIES SUCK. I ride one too, and I enjoy it. Please don't forget my other bikes.

The journalist was asking the same basic questions as the previous Jurno asked. The jurno then said that they got a Trek Single Speed, for the article. As far as I know, and that is limited to what I see, I had the idea that Fixed gear bikes have their appeal because of the "basic-ness" of them, the cool in the ride and the feeling of nothing making a rattle sound and feeling attached. This all comes with the riders personalised position, set up and bits. After all there should not be to many bits to a fixie. A real fixie might treat a bike like trash, but you could call that artistic expression and style.

possible worls longest fixed skidI just find the whole idea of fixed gear bikes on the general market interesting.

Bike messengers are possibly the hardest people you will meet in your urban sprawl, And possibly the hardest working versus how much they actually get for any one job they do.

They have been left unprotected by the law in relation to rights they have on the road (in my city anyway as it is in MOST others). HOWEVER, they are mimicked even to destruction. Everyone wants to look as cool as a Bike Courier. The free life outdoors.

Bike messengers ride fixies cause they want to. There is no reason why they cant. But I warn you budding noobies and fakengers. Riding a fixie is not for the feint of heart.

My neighbour who jumped on my bike made almost a whole 2 pedal strokes before he fell off. yep he tried to stop and paniced. Over the bars he was thrown. Quite funny but pending law suit is what I saw in mid air when everything just stopped. If I could just hit the rewind key and bend his knee. But to my amazment he neglected to let go so he landed on his back and not his face.

ACMC rideFixies are for those who can do it. When asked by the jurno over the phone interview, what accessory would I not be without. I said a strong and small enough "D" lock. Small enough to put in my butt pocket. and no I dont mean up my arse thanks.

Bike Couriers have spoken to the media a lot of late and even when the journalist asks questions that seem harmless. It seems that the editors at one of our main publishers seem to always put a negative spin on the story when there is a bike courier involved. I can say they are burning their bridges.

2nd Bottom pic is of Simon from Perth doing a 315 meter skid ( 1017.0572999999999 feet)

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