Monday, February 02, 2009

Well the silly season is over.

I spent most of it Just north of Byron Bay, at a place that was just magic. I am not gonna tell you where strictly cause I do not want to see anyone I know there as that is its charm. It is not on the main traps and its a sleepy place that was exactly what we wanted. I did Learn about "HARD LANDINGS" (not the economical version) at Gold Coast airport, talk about scary. your landing and the nose of the plane is definitely DOWN and not up and slowing down. Hard landings are apparently better but they scare the religion outa me.

I was in a town where I could have found a bike but I made the comment to my wife that "I was not getting a bike for the whole week so I could just spend time with the kids and her and not piss off". Browny points achieved. I noticed quite a lot of bike activity there, mostly cruisers and rust buckets that where left out in the elements. One of the rust buckets had Cross Max wheels in a realistic state of disrepair, others where being ridden to the beach and tasks like going to work and being left in front of the shop all day... Kind of like an old western movie where the cowboy gets off his horse and throws the reigns over a fence and parks there as is.

I was lucky to snap this pic of a local who was on her way for a surf. Apparently she left to Tamworth to do some Coutry and Western the next day. She lives in the sleepy town.

A week in this place was awesome. they even had electricity, mobile phone and internet and even had plenty of places to eat. Although the prices in all the cafes and restaurants where sydney prices at least. what was really, really amazing was the attitude of a group of roadies I met. here in sydney there is the snobbery and the attitude you must fight if you wanna talk to the riders. I met a small group who where on their return leg back to Byron Bay. I imediately noticed a fine ALAN bike. simply said these things rock and they still look great. If I had a bike and it was innovative I would want it to look this good and be this respected after 30 years. Alloy tubes glued together. Today they use this sort of thing on carbon onto ally.
I mentioned just before about the group of roadies. This group on their return run home had stopped at a cafe just near where I was staying and I was getting a cup of caffeine. I stated snapping away. The riders where super friendly. WHAT A SHOCK compared to their Sydney counterparts. They where funny and cool. It did not matter if you rode a 100 buck rust bucket or a 10 grand weapon they loved to ride and enjoy the day together on a ride. WHAT A FRESH BREEZE this was. One of the guys had a nice pendant and it looked like a crank set, prolly campy 30 year gold edition for people from Lilliput. yep if you want some bike jewelery of the real kind not just a cog on a leather strap I recommend you hit up EDGE JEWELLERY DESIGN also in the group pic just here on the right side you can see a woman waving away, well she was just walking past. The place had vibe man.. you know what I mean?

Kids spent the days on the beach or seeking adventure on the bridge. After snapping away for a few minutes the kids pointed at me and where jeering me to "fuck off you perve" I mean these where kids and I was taking action pics of them jumping off a public bridge. Where do these kids get these ideas? it frightens me cause this group of kids might have been 12 years old max.

This was the Christmas holidays and really apart from jumping of bridges there was nothing for them to do but do what they where doing. Nothing quickly and lets hope they don't get to bored to quickly. reminds me of the killer kids from DOGMA

I found one night a bit of noise and cheering coming from the park just a block away. The NSW Axemen Association tee shirts where everywhere. Fancy being in a group called THE AXEMEN ... how cool does that sound? anyway they where having a competition and it was new to me. Choppers (the axe men) start on a handicap start. with the worst starting first and the best starting last. In the pic you can see a guy in black and a yellow stripe. He was last to start and is on his very first swing. He won by a convincing margin. Also trend setters, most of them wore Dunlop Volley shoes

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