Monday, January 17, 2011

It has been a busy year with bikes in mind. A lot of new events have shown some light from the fall from grace of larger and more common types of cycle events. Bike polo is common place and rides for no reason other than hang out on a Sunday.

Recently my Sydney BFF friends where hosting goldsprints for a neat combined gallery exhibit and asked me for help to just do seat height and stuff as we went. I went along on a few Thursday nights when I was either not sick or on daddy duty.
I was on the opening night door list and I did not even know it. I had a great night there.

Smokin Joe the local BMA president made the goldspint finals. Joe is keen on his new idea of a BBCA or a Bearded Bicycle Courier Association. So I went to spotlight and spent seven bucks and made a bunch of beards. We looked great and made a lot of people smile and supported or mate Joe.

Joe's next big adventure is to go to CMWC in Guatemala. This year I have had the opportunity to be the beg monkey for this years event. It has been no easy road being far from the event and never going. Working with this group definitely had it's ups and downs and funny highs and arguable lows.

Meanwhile locally bike lanes have been in the media ups down and sideways too for that matter. All I can add is I am glad they are finally being in our community. The project is still being built and has many haters of the unfinished product. They just wont even find out if it works or not. Just complain of how it fails and it still being constructed.

I have used the contentious bike lanes in question and I felt really good, not because of the spite of Alan Jones but because I felt like I had a spot that was for bikes. I have seen many toobs of busy bike-ways but this was not anything like that.

Welcome to the 20th Century Sydney, even if it is the 21st. I have seen a bike lane in Sydney appear and be useful and then get painted over forever because of IPEC road changes. This was just ultimate bad vibe (man).

Closer to home , my health has been havoc, stopping me from riding and then competing and then leaving me with a week long migraine that let to the final blow. Putting my back out by picking up my kid for a hug.

How mortal we are...

This week i managed to pull together 2 websites and handle a deal for a friend saving him a wad. Re rented NIKITA but for some reason it is just not the same and I am sure the movie I saw this week was different to the original. Particularly the part where she tries to prove she is not worth letting go when she first goes to work against Greenpeace (the french spy section).
Of course the cleaner as THE CLEANER.

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