Friday, October 24, 2008

Some Advice to those fashonistas out there...

I recently spent big bucks on some name brand sunglasses. To look though them is pure joy. I can wear them in the brightest of place (outside for starters) and clearly see the other side of the street.

I firmly believe that if I buy an expensive set of glasses and they last me 5 to 8 years then I don't mind spending 20 to 400 dollars for them. If you break it down 400 divided by 8 is 50 bucks a year. I do not think I know of any polycarbonate lens that lasts longer than 10 seconds in your pocket without scratching or somehow getting damaged.

I use glass, its slightly heavier but I can rest assured that the lens should be more scratch proof and much nicer on the eye with better clarity and better visibiblity.

Testing the glasses.
to test them I put them on my head and try to jolt my head as if I am in the ride possition and change direction suddenly. Normally my new glasses need a heat treatment and then a bend of the arms and bridge.
I only use windproof frames and I find it helps a lot.

if you have had eye sergury or laser treatment they say to use polarized lenses. I have had neither but my new glasses come with them. Super clear and comfy on the eye. I can see the wind on the water and see how the cats claws strike the water. However, when riding diagonally behind a car ... a problem happens. You cant see in the car. What you do see is the darkening of the windows of the car and sometimes a checkerboard pattern or diamond pattern. its a multi coloured effect that stops you from looking in on the driver. Infact I would even say it is dangerous. you can not see the driver, you cant look into the wing mirrors to see the face of the driver and you sometimes cant see anything inside fro right next to the car.

I do not recommend POLARIZED LENSES fro bike riding

Also some other noticeable things are the screens for my Ipod and phone are un-viewable until I take off my glasses or slide them down my nose.

Computers monitors of the LCD type also suffer imiage degridation but is only medium on the way to rotten.

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