Sunday, October 26, 2008

My bike is such a floosy, I went to Norton St today for the ITALIAN FIESTA Festival, the street was closed off and the Bike Valet was operational. I arrive in the morning and you can ride down the closed road and things are warming up. 30 minutes later it was chock-o-block with people from everywhere. I was impressed by the vibe of the event and that kids where catered for in both activities and shows.

I would like to thank the people who put up with me and helped with the bike valet service. I think we had a great day. Sunday is always good when you can do something that requires you to people watch at an event. Paddy, Rob and Rob and Elaena.

My bike had the best day. I had a hard time figuring which bike to take as I was running late. The green one or the red one.. hmmm what was I wearing... ohh my dilemma. I might not get dressed for anyone ... but picking the right bike is very important.

Anyway I rode my skidstar. The skidstar was a gift from Owen Denmeade and was a frame and bent forks only. it was covered with black house paint and had a coat of kinda sunfaded orange original paint on it.. It even had some original decals under there. The paint job is so dodgey im sure the decals and house paint is under the bright red/orange top layer...

So I built this with new wheels and parts I had in my garage. the wheels are Velocity with flat spokes and formula hubs. the cranks are from my mate Adam, Raleigh 70's era cranks (170mm) with 50 x 17 ring and cog, turbo seat and nothing fancy bars stem. I am rather scared of my forks. They are series 1 TCR (yes GI##T) and they have a one inch steerer tube. I reckon my bike looks sweet and by the looks of it a lot of others do too.

shotgunn bride
photos by Nokia E65

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Bobrail said...

Yogi, you lazy so-and-so, why should I put your photo's on your blog? Do it yourself!

Actually it wasn't your bike that was a floozy at the Leichhardt Festa, it was YOU! And there are photo's to prove it.

All good fun, see you again,


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