Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Found a cool toy / tool on the web this morning. It makes a kinda collage of words you put into it. It also lets you select pages and blogs to source the words from. Neat trick I say. This one is of ohoh2's blog.

I have been given a second year of subscription to Wired Magazine for my birthday and I can tell you. It is a great read for the not nerd or the not scientific types who wanna keep up to date with trends and future ideas. Its is not quite "New Scientist" but forward thinking never the less. A very good read for those occasions when your stuck in one place for too long. Just have to remember to keep it in your bag. Alternately you can go to the web site and get a news feed. I have also become quite fond of . A little less layman than wired but very informative without the NEWS sourced from standard places in the standard format.

Are you tired of lies and miss quoted statements from the standard media? Stop using them. With computers and web 2 and RSS and the like it is now possible to just find the news you want and you have the option to filter the shit that seems to flood our local tabloids that seems to share with broadcastes news items. I have even felt that they often seem to reference one another and it is mostly a "not" news story that they do this to to make it seem important.

So what is important? You, your neighbours and then the enviroment. Somethings gotta give. If you dont stop spending your coin on crap your gonna be in biiiig trouble. I feel that our addiction to trinkets and personal commodities is goind to be our undoing. Sorry for the bad news.

On the up side. ANDRIOD has become open source. What is it? Well lets see now. Hmm connect your phone to your computer (or server) and negoitate with your contacts and just about any app or program you like. Seems like the ideal platform to make your own logistics company connect to your Phone, PDA or laptop or any other WAN device. I am poretty sure that it wont take long to create a usefull application that can do Accounting, and invoicing for clients as well as list off pickups and also give them a level of service (being regular or rush). Infact I am so keen about this I have downloaded the SDK and when I have finnished I will give it to my friends at SYDBMA for free. This means (as I see it) you will able to go register your business and then start finding your own clients. I have no problems giving this to you. My experience with courier companies is that they only rip of the rider as much as they can. Typically this app built with ANDROID is getting close to the mark.

It talks about the different pieces in the puzzle that is an "app"

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