Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The BFF or Bicycle Film Festival went through Sydney with a bit of a lump this year. Brent, the patron and organizer was still bleeding from his inside mouth and was still sore from being beaten up in Paris a few weeks earlier.. He did not drink and was not quite the social butterfly he usually is. He also managed to make the organizers of this years Sydney event fell rather bad. A real pity really as it was just not needed. I think what Brent really needs is some quiet time away from the needs of others and concentrate on just lying around and getting some vitamin D. Then a few weeks later perhaps take up where he left off. It was also very hard to market and promote the event with the next to zero notice we got about the program. I had the feeling that Brent wanted to take over the event for the short time he was here and disregarding the 9 months of event planning and council negotiation that went on. Sydney is not an easy place to do anything (that is just a reminder). There are many bike sub cultures in Sydney and getting them together is a chore.

The organizers this year did a great job getting the bike riders of Sydney involved from opening bike rides and parties, art galleries, fashion show that was dominated by bike messengers, nude ride, polo, the event, swap meets and a host of other side activities. Well done to the core group. team players all of them and not to mention cool too... I cant believe that was not the words of our benefactor. I am annoyed at Brent about that. My favorte movie had my mate Adam and Meg in it. Very cute very quaint. made me smile.

The Bike Valet Parking on King Street, Newtown was a great success. It was used well, set up well and was seen by lots and lots of people who went past the Dendy Cinema in Newtown.

The After party on Sunday was also a great with Paul and Fiona providing the "most excellent" food. ( I feel like a scene from Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure ( 81%) )

Last week I went to a red carpet showing of Quantum Of Solace (65%) I went with a mate of mine who often is my company at movies to the flicks. We see good movies and bad but generally we don't see drama or girly stuff. I was very disappointed with the fact that it was a Red carpet affair and We where the only ones in dinner jackets. It put us both in a bad mood and frankly I was disjointed that no one else thought it necessary to dress up to go to a James bond premier. The movie was not the normal james bond, No cars, no inventions and no panting sex scenes as corny as they are. The intro drive scene was a joke as those 250 HP alfas that might be 4WD can kick the begeeezuz outa a rear wheel drive Austin Martin on the tight dirt track that we where supposed to believe was a pit of construction. However the intital fight scene was awesome but might have been more at home in a kung-Fu movie. I reckon the best ever Kung Fu movie is this. ... not excatly a nice way to end a paragraph about a James Bond Movie but really.. it was crap...
This is a second link to The best Kung Fu movie of all time

on a more here and now...Some of you locals might have heard about the gang who are hitting ATMs in the wee hours and robbing them of money. Well 2 nights ago I woke at almost 2am from a loud bang in the night.

Going down for my morning coffee on a rare child free day. I took this photo. (cool bike on the road)

But the gas cylinders used to blast the Clovelly Road ATM destroyed the machine, the front of the bank and damaged the thieves' getaway car. from SMH

And, I can confirm that...

A police spokeswoman
could not confirm reports the car was stolen in a carjacking. (from smh) to be true.

In fact the passenger was holding her door so hard she ripped it off the inside of the door as she was wrenched out of the car. The driver whom I know to be meek and mild to be rather shattered this morning (the next day). Im just glad they are ok and I hope that the incident did not shatter the Driver of the hijacked car too much.

The car of choice seems to be an AUDI as Audi seems to pup up everywhere .. almost as much as in IronMan.

So I spent 30 minutes sitting in a borrowed chair from the cafe in the street and watching the police divert traffic and watching the media take report after report. Some detectives turned up and its true. They stood out like very sore thumbs and wore very bad ties.

The rest of the day was a hoot. Managed to organize a blind date for Lane, Take a few pictures of very nice bike with ladies hang in the sun for a few hours also. A great day really
Also got this great shirt from KINGKOG

I would like to correct a mistake on my last post. I was talking about some stand out games from the past where I mentioned Soul Caliber. What I really meant to say was SOUL BLADE It came out on the PS1.

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