Sunday, November 02, 2008

Fixie Specific Crash
I met some of my friends on Federation Way and we rode towards St. Peters to the Art Show RODE,EDGE. We where late and we where not in a huge rush and we just took our lane and went along the Wilson St highway (a local road that is shared by cars and bikes).

I was out of the saddle and pumping a little when I felt my legs fly free with no friction like my chain had come off. At the time I was standing out of the pedals. Down I went. hitting the ground hard and rolling only my elbow and onto my back. I noticed a car right there on right (behind me), still clipped in, I managed to throw my bike away from the cars towards the side of the road as I was still clipped in.

The guys I was cycling with thought I really know how to fall, but the look on my face of knowing my bike was in harms way was apparently "golden" I threw with my legs my bike with deliberate actions to put my bike out of harms way.

My slide stops, I'm stinging on my elbow and hands and knee. The car occupants asked if I was OK, my friends on bikes asked if I was OK... Ohhhh the humility.. I'm OK.

my lock ring had somehow un-wound a thread or 2 and my cog had jammed tight up aginst it in a slightly unwond possition. when peddaling the cog wanted to "tighten" on its spline, when i did tighten I had a no fricion against the weight I was putting into the cranks. The cog tightened back into a secure position but it was enough for me to "bin it" in front of Adam for his Birthday.

Happy birthday mate

We ride to the Art show , we are late. It looks like everyone was having a great time. Bikes and bike art and fashion is everywhere .

We where there for about 1 hour and a Police Man came and shut the party down. No seriously Sydney really needs to re-evaluate it's police force. to explain what was going on was a medium sized group and very not drunk or disorderly. The public where a very tame group and the music was not loud and people where talking and not yelling. So the crowd was very under control and there was no dangerous things happening. Things where tame. The police shut down the group for no reason other than they must have been super bored. after all most yobbos where inside watching the football. Sydney Police really are not very community friendly. The Art/ fashion show was a community event that was soft as flowers. Cops just need to stop treating us all like a communist state or like we are ALL CRIMINALS prior to being one.

Probably a knee jerk reaction to being a penal colony 200 years ago.. the rum coat and rum rebellion vibe is still alive in Sydney.

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