Thursday, November 20, 2008

I find myself being less of a Troll or Space Pilot or Conqueror on line and tend to contact a friend or invite them to smirsh ideas.
Games at one stage used to take up a lot of my days and some might even say I needed an intervention at some stage. However I managed to pull out rather well in retrospect.
Also I find that once I was keen to overclock a intel 90 CPU (released 7th March 1994) to 130 mghz. The 300a and the pent 3 700e was running 1.3 for almost 5 years b4 it just went no further. Now I just get yesterdays top of the line so I get performance at a discount, Parts are expendable for a basic coputer. So now my tomato computing habit have long gone. I find myself searching news feeds and the weather.

Times have changed. Wizardry on the apple ][E where on the bottom level if you stayed Left at every junction you would live. Little clues on the walls "ANDREW" was the creator of the game and "WERDNA" was written on the walls. It was written in Pascal and if you opend the bat file all you had to do was go to find roll values... and add some kinda exrta bit like (strength (roll value)*3.3). Keeping the cheat values low meant you could still play the game without playing GOD mode. And the spell Titawait actually was described as a radio active blast

When it came out. Soul Calibur on the playstation really was a gaming benchmark. It had every aspect of a complete game experience. So did lylat Wars on the Nintendo. A very stand out game for its release in game timelines. They actually made the experience GAMELY, fun and mostly playable. I mean Original Sonic with the mega Pad joystick was awesome.

The Atari was a neat unit. but finaly decided it was the best music creation machines. Playing on the Amiga 64 was really just trying to mimic the arcade. It was a bad comparison.

Computers today... well we are about to hit a networking revolution.

I feed we are about to become cold and constantly in need of more and more. EEEpc is 550 bucks. its able to connect to 'hot spots' but some are not3G compatible. They should be. women can carry on in a small handbag whilst guys can fit them in their thigh pocket of their cargo pants. Anyone cna op't for a small back pack. The IPhone is under threat of actually having to de- regulate itself to keep up. Multi Media and the phone is about to become a very very thin and winding line. Android gains momentum. Its a free mobile phone platform or Opperating Sydtem.

Meanwhile over here, people drink coffee in their caffe's wondering if the bill can be paid with their credit card. Our telcos scoffle over the way they are going to release technology to us to make the most money. A lot how Sony as a game Vendor service. The Playstation 3 and PSP have features that are fantastic making every bit worth the money you spend, Whilst here is the land of Sweeping planes and grand blue mountains these features are released as net get or "to look forward to".

If your not up to speed with computers and want to learn, I rate Sci-Fi Neuromancer by William Gibson and if you like an book of short stories called Burning Chrome.
I tell ya this guy is almost a prophet

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